Endpoint Setup

Follow these steps to set up a Shopify application with the endpoint. Via a web browser, go to: and log in to your account or sign up to become a Shopify Partner.

More information about the Shopify partner program can be found in the Shopify Documentation.

  1. Once signed up, from the Dashboard, click “Create App”. Shopify Connected App step 1

  2. Fill out the App Information. You’ll be required to enter a callback URL from the endpoint. This URL will be in your application’s address space. You will be required to retrieve some information returned on this URL by the endpoint. Click “Create application”. Shopify Connected App step 2

  3. Click on the name of your app in the dashboard. Please make note of the API key and secret as they will be needed in the provisioning process. Click on the secret field to reveal the value. Shopify Connected App step 3